Boxcar Willie - Best Of ...


Side 1:
1. I've Got A Bad Case Of Feeling Sorry For Me
2. The Lord Made A Hobo Out Of Me
3. Blue Eyed Girl Of Berlin
4. Six Pound Fish
5. The Fragance Of Her Perfume
6. Daddy Was A Railroad Man
7. The Day Elvis Died
8. Hot Box Blues
9. Papa's Old Pocket Watch
10. I'm Going Home To Texas
Seite 2:
1. I Can't Help It
2. I'm So Lonesoime I Could Cry
3. Lonesome Whistle
4. Waitin' For A Train
5. T B Blues
6. Cold Windy City Of Chicago
7. Take ME Home
8. I Wake Up Every Morning With A Smile On My Face
9. Trouble
10. Train Medley
Year of production 1982